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Via robbia, Milan

Begin renovations in Milan


Building permit for Bolthouse


ABCGarchitettura office trip

Tempio di Hera, Salinunte

ABCGarchitettura presents its projects into Hera Temple, Salinunte, Sicily

Casa dell'Architettura, Rome

ABCGarchitettura presents its projects into Casa dell'Architettura, Rome

Young Italian Architects 2012

ABCGarchitettura is among the 10 finalists of the competition "Young Italian Architects 2012". The final cerimony will be held on the 28th of August 2012, at palazzo Badoer, San Polo 2468, Venezia.
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New office space

Office extension in progress.
abcg_new office

Exhibition cittadella dell'edilizia

23.12.2011 - 08.01.2012
Invitiamo tutti alla mostra del concorso della Cittadella dell'edilizia a Como, sponsorizzata dall'ANCE Como e ospitata all'interno dell'ex chiesa di San Francesco

Ruben Erlacher

We faced a two-days, full-time training from one of the master on high technology for sustanable architecture: Ruben Erlacher. He introduced us into the world of the Passivhaus Istitut for zero-emissions buildings.

Smau 2011

Date: 19th - 21st October 2011
Site: Milan, Italy
Site Area: 348000 sqm
Total exhibition Area: 225 sqm
Typology: stand
Status: closed
Client: E&E
The stands exhibit products from Canon, Oracle, and SAP at the SMAU 2011 fair in Milan, from the 19th to the 21st of October 2011. Each stand were designed indipendently between the others giving a different sense of space to each brands.




New Website

We are proud to announce the new website is on'line now. We will use this brand'new layout to update all future projects, news, events and everything involves the office of ABCGarchitettura.
In order to celebrate our office we first thank to our guardian angels: two statues in our office balcony. One of them, was photographically captured in this summerfull Fall in all her divine appeal.





ABCG architettura is an architectural practice founded by four Italian architects graduated at Accademia di Architettura of Mendrisio (Switzerland)
studying under international masters as Mario Botta, Aires Mateus, Sergison Bates and Peter Zumthor.
The office is currently involved in a wide array of projects at different scales, ranging from urban planning, housing, regeneration and extension
of private villas, interior and graphic design.
All project are informed by sensitive approach to the place, the experiential potential of materials and construction and a concern for the environmental,
social and economic aspects of sustainability.

Alessandro Armellini, Filippo Bolognese, Jacopo Carboncini, Daniele Gennara


Collaborators since 2011: Federica Panico, Laura Riva


We are always looking for new people to enroll in our venture. Be ready to work in a multi-disciplinary, zero-ruled, creative-based and stress-full environment.
Please email your cover letter, resume and portfolio (pdf 5.0 MB max) to



Talea, 33.12

Year: 2012
Title: Giovani architetti comaschi a Lugano
Author: Stefania Briccola
Website: interna.php



2014, Competition Restaurant and library/media library, Borex et Crassier, Switzerland
2014, Competition Sport building, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland
2014, Via Robbia apartment, Milano, Italia
2014, Bolthouse, Odogno, Switzerland
2013, Competition Multipurpose centre Ciosso Soldati, Bioggio, Switzerland
2013, Competition Torriani Foundation, Mendrisio, Switzerland
2013, FC House, Maienfeld, Switzerland
2013, Competition Usine a Gaz, Nyon. Switzerland. Fourth prize
2012, Refurbishment of a rural building, Vacallo. Switzerland
2012, Refurbishment of an historic building, Piazza S. Biagio, Bellinzona. Switzerland
2012, Two houses refurbishment, Lodrino, Switzerland
2012, Logistic and commercial building, Genestrerio, Switzerland
2012, Competition Special classrooms, Chiasso, Switzerland
2012, Competition New secondary school, Caslano, Switzerland
2012, Concept Miele Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland
2011, Competition New kindergarten and multi-purpose hall in Molino Nuovo, Lugano, Switzerland. Fourth prize
2011, SMAU 2011, Stand Canon, Stand Oracle, Stand SAP,  Milan, Italy
2011, Residential building, Fenegro`, Italy
2011, Extension of private house, Blevio, Italy
2010, Extension of private villa, Cernobbio, Italy
2010, Competition Cittadella dell’edilizia, Como, Italy
2010, Mountain development, Pellio Intelvi, Italy
2009, Competition Europan 10, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
2008, Competition Urban renovation of Ex-Ticosa area, Como, Italy, Second prize
2008, Competition Everyville, Venezia, Italy, Honorable mention



Restaurant and library/media library, Borex et Crassier


Year: 2014
Site: Borex et Crassier, Switzerland
Site area: 3780 sqm
Building area: 2451 sqm
Project: Competition
Typology: Multipurpose building
Engineer: Borlini & Zanini SA

Bolthouse, Odogno


Year: 2014
Site: Odogno, Switzerland
Site area: 405 sqm
Building area: 200 sqm
Project: Private commission
Real-estate: Dimensione immobiliare

Ciosso Soldati Centre, Bioggio


Year: 2013
Site: Bioggio, Switzerland
Site area: 3800 sqm
Building area: 4750 sqm
Project: Competition
Typology: Multipurpose centre
Engineer: Borlini & Zanini SA

Torriani Foundation, Mendrisio


Year: 2013
Site: Mendrisio, Switzerland
Site area: 675 sqm
Building area: 507 sqm
Project: Competition
Typology:Private foundation
Engineer: Borlini & Zanini SA

FC House, Maienfeld


Year: 2013
Site: Maienfeld, Switzerland
Site area: 960 sqm
Building area: 480 sqm
Project: Private commission
Typology: Residential

Usine a Gaz, Nyon


Year: 2013
Site: Nyon, Switzerland
Site area: 3000 sqm
Building area: 7710 sqm
Project: Competition
Typology: Residential, Commercial and Cultural Centre
Engineer: Borlini & Zanini SA
Acoustic engineer: Biobyte srl

Refurbishment, Lodrino


Year: 2012
Site: Lodrino, Switzerland
Site area: 344 sqm
Building area: 270 sqm
Project: commission
Typology: refurbishment

100 x 100, Genestrerio


Year: 2012
Site: Genestrerio, Switzerland
Site area: 23424 sqm
Bulding area: 30000 sqm
Project: Commission
Contractor: Carboncini SA
Typology: logistic - commercial building Client: BALLY, Switzerland

Special classrooms, Chiasso


Year: 2012
Site: Chiasso, Switzerland
Site Area: 11388 sqm
Building Area: 1017 sqm
Typology: Education building
Project: Competition

Secondary school, Caslano


Year: 2011
Site: Caslano, Switzerland
Site Area: 7324 sqm
Building Area: 4717 sqm
Typology: Education building
Project: Competition

Kindergarten and multi-purpose hall, Lugano


Year: 2011
Site: Lugano, Switzerland
Site Area: 9985 sqm
Building Area: 3845 sqm
Project: Competition
Typology: educational building
Collaboration: Lopes brenna architetti
Engineer: Borlini & Zanini SA
Energy consultant: Techno-nrg Sagl

Apartmen block, Fenegrò


Year: 2011
Site: Fenegrò, Italy
Site Area: 1207 sqm
Building Area: 950 sqm
Typology: Housing
Contractor: Carboncini S.p.A
Real estate:



Cittadella dell'edilizia, Como


Year: 2010
Site: Como, Italy
Site Area: 3500 sqm
Building Area: 2000 sqm
Typology: Education building
Project: Competition
Collaboration: Lopes Brenna architetti
Construction consultant: Flux Studio SA



Villa extension, Toldino


Year: 2010
Site: Toldino, Italy
Site Area: 180 sqm
Building Area: 11 sqm
Typology: Extension
Client: Private

Mountain development, Pellio Intelvi


Year: 2010
Site: Pellio Intelvi, Italy
Site Area: 5700 sqm
Building Area: 1500 sqm
Typology: Residential units
Scale: urban
Contractor: Carboncini S.p.A.

Europan 10, Neuchâtel


Year: 2008
Site: Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Site Area: 38000 sqm
Building Area: 57000 sqm
Typology: hybrid development
Scale: urban
Project: competition

Everyville, Biennale di Venezia 2008


Year: 2008
Site: Everyville
Site Area: xxxxx sqm
Building Area: xxxxx sqm
Purpose: Competition
Typology: generic city
Collaboration: Arch. Clara Lopez